Tips and Tricks for Drawing a Blood Sample

Prior to collection

  • See our complete set of preparation recommendations here.
  • We recommend drinking plenty of water to ensure a sufficient sample.
  • We recommend getting your blood flowing before your sample collection by going up and down the stairs or doing several jumping jacks.

Collecting your sample

  • We recommend drawing from the 9 o’clock position of the tip of your ring finger, as it’s generally the least calloused part of a patient’s hand that allows for the most blood flow
  • Wipe away the first drop of blood with your supplied alcohol swab, avoiding contact with the puncture site as the alcohol may expedite in sealing the wound
  • If possible, avoid squeezing your finger to draw more blood. If squeezing is required, do so just above the base knuckle. 


  • After the recommended amount of blood has been collected in your test's respective device, leave the sample to dry for approximately ten minutes (30 minutes if using the 5 Spot Card). Unless your sample was collected into a small vial, in which case, immediately proceed to the next step.
  • Close or seal the collection device, place it back into the imaware™ box, and then place the box with your sample into the provided return envelope. 

Sample collection help

If you need additional help or guidance with your sample collection, we'd be more than happy to help. Please chat with us via the button on the lower right of your screen, or send an email to

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